Benefits of having a diagnosis

Many parents are still out there dealing with their undiagnosed autistic children alone, worried and confused. I understand that paediatricians don’t like ‘labelling’ children early because its quite a strong thing for the child to then carry for the rest of their life’s, so they do need to make sure that its something they have got 100% correct and that its not something that the child’s not just going to grow out of. But on the other hand the time from when a parent or other health professional realises there is a problem with the child which could be around 2 years (was in our case) to the time the paediatrician can confidently diagnose which could easily be anything from 5-12 years old a lot of time is in the middle. Within that time a lot of damage can be done by parents left struggling wondering what is really wrong with their child or even worst of all giving up the fight ( and it is a fight) and just put themselves down as a bad parent and the child as being naughty.
A diagnose does give the parent and the child a stronger focus and strength, yes of course it must be a devastating shock at first but then gives the family a clear route of what help they can access. Also when their child is struggling (and they do from time to time) outside publicly instead of being quickly judged by outsiders parents can confidently tell others their child suffers from Autism or ASD and it’s not their fault. Being in that situation where you are trying to sort your child out is upsetting enough and then on top of it knowing what others are thinking…….I have been there many times.
I clearly understand that getting a diagnoses doesn’t make autism go away like many other things, normally we go to the doctors for them to tell us what is wrong with us then we have treatment or further tests and then the problem is sorted. With an autism diagnoses there is no medicine or operation it just gives the family and others around the chance of learning about their child and changing/learning how to bring their child up because treating and understand these children differently from has early as possible really does improve their life……I am talking from experience.
If you are awaiting a diagnoses for your child don’t be scared, look at it has being the best tool you will be given to help your child mentally, emotionally, socially and educationally.
We are a family without a diagnose of autism for our child but strongly beleive in what we know, don’t get me wrong we do go through times of questioning ourselves and giving up but it’s what you believe in the majority of the time that really matters but unfortunatly I think there is only a small percentage of us out there and I would like to empower others be advocates for their children. Just keep Remembering you know your child better than anybody and you wouldn’t want to put in place such a strong label on them for nothing.

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