Nobody Likes Me

All this week MacKenzie has come home from school quite a happy little boy but when I have asked him about who has played with him at playtimes he has replied “nobody”, “nobody likes me”. It’s very sad to here that has a parent and especially when you know that social skills are one of your child’s weaknesses. The only problem is that he doesn’t express theses problems and you wouldn’t know by looking at him that anything is bothering him…..or is it?. If I hadn’t asked him then he wouldn’t have shared the concern with me. Or the other question is, is he bothered that nobody is playing with him? (I think it does really deep down).  When I  ask him he answers me in quite a factual manner unlike a neurotypical child who would show upset and want help to solve the problem.

child-alone-in-playground-006When does a child realise they are different or is it that others start to realise that the child is not quite like them.
Help and Awareness is so important because a lot of these children do want to mix and socialise, its just that others make it difficult for them and a lot of it is due to a lack of understanding of them. With the increasing number of ASD diagnoses ………. Something needs to change.

Hope MacKenzie has had a better day today and that he has been able to play with someone. I know some people may say that all children go through this at some point and that its only been a week upto now that nobody has played with him but this is where it can start. A tiny crack can turn into a large social gap very quick in a child’s life. Through play children learn social skills such as sharing, cooperation and turn taking. Social language is also learnt, self-esteem is built and friendships are formed, all of which are just as important as the educational part of school life.
Early intervention is everything!

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