Burnley College Family Day

Yesterday we attended the Family Day at Burnley College, the event was certainly filled with lots of exciting activities and demonstrations that we just didn’t have time to get around them all.Main_entrance_to_Burnley_College_on_Princess_Way_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1366358

Firstly we were greeted with a couple of people one dress as a carrot and the other as a pea pod, MacKenzie was very uncertain of this but we managed to pass giving a large distance between them and us. Entering the building Mya and Mackenzie were encouraged to have a go on a very large buzz bar (they didn’t take much persuading), it looked very exciting but quite tricky. Next to the engineering room where they both had a go at the eco water powered micro remote control cars. These tiny remote control cars use a real fuel cell station that stores energy using waters basic elements, what a fun way to learn.

In the atrium of the building the main attraction was the Tae Bo demonstration which looked really good. The instructor Maureen Kelly and her participates made it look so easy but i don’t think i would have lasted 5 minutes! Also in this area was a giant scalextric which Mya and MacKenzie both loved, it was also a big hit with most of the parents you could tell most dads really wanted to have a go. Also in this area was face painting, a sweet shop, treasure trail, course advise desk and arts & crafts.

Next stop the large sand pits with the beach theme setting with cook 4 life, fruity pick & mix, you are what you eat and a herbie garden all in the same area of the college. By this time 2 hours had already passed so so quickly…time for a sit down and a drink at the countryside cafe.photo-474

The countryside cafe was also run and organised by Maureen Kelly and her team which was a lovely set up with a water display and tiny tables set up with china cups and saucers. The ladies came to take our order and we were served with tea and a selection of tasty cakes. Not to MacKenzie`s liking has he wanted toast but was later happy to sit and eat a small tub of jam! The countryside cafe did a great job and the tea and cakes were all put on in aid of raising money for autism and the awareness of it…..customers made donations for their food and service. Also they advertised our posters for our collection of old mobile phones and converting them into iPads which we donate to autistic children or children with social communication problems.photo-476photo-475

Mackenzie soon spotted the the drama theatre where a small group of students were acting out small sections of plays. Mya really enjoyed this because its the topic she is mostly interested in and has a great passion for. MacKenzie also enjoyed it and got right into it…… literally.

The last stop of the day for us was to be the sports centre where there was a large army inflatable and a climbing wall. The army inflatable obstacle course was fantastic a really army feel squeezing and climbing through all the different parts. After about 8 rounds on this it was time to go…with 2 tired children.photo-477photo-478

This was a great event and there was so much we didn’t see like the camping display, paper aeroplanes, robots, wii & X Box games, slime making and also all the outdoor sporting activities like basketball and netball.

2BR radio station were also supporting the event presenting live from the college entrance. This was a great event and gave the families in Burnley and the surrounding areas a good opportunity to see what the college has to offer………see you next year!

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