Meme…….The New addition to the Family

A few weeks ago we got a new addition to our family, a kitten called Meme. I haven’t wrote anything before as i am just getting over the whole chaos, anxiety and stress and i think now home life is back to normal…well what we call normal that is.

Mya has always wanted a pet and we have struggled because Mackenzie really didn’t want any kind of pet in the house. We tried talking to him on several occasions about pets showing him cute pictures and videos but still no. Its really hard on the siblings of children with special needs , they shouldn’t have to miss out on things or have their lives adapted to certain extents.
So we finally got to the day where MacKenzie said yes he would have a cat (kitten) and he said this for three days on a run…we were onto a winner, so we got a kitten called Meme. We let Mackenzie chose a name for her so he felt part of it and that maybe it would create a bond between them. “Meme” an interesting choice of name for our kitten, but coming from a little boy who might be on the autistic spectrum was no surprise to me…the penny dropped about a week later for dad.


Mya loves Meme and i have to say she is such a well behaved kitten, it only took us a day to train her not to go up stairs (she will be a house cat) so therefore MacKenzie knows he can go upstairs and be in a cat free zone if he wants to.
It was really difficult the first week, Mackenzie cried then got mad, then would panic and kept telling us he didn’t want a cat living at his house anymore…didn’t want any pets ever, but we are here a couple of weeks later and Meme is still here and Mackenzie is a lot more settled with her. I do believe it helps to push the boundaries sometimes of a child on the autistic spectrum and let them experience the different emotions and learn how to cope in certain situations. Meme and MacKenzie have a good understanding of each other now, its called ‘keeping at arms length of each other’ but it has given MacKenzie another subject to talk about at school and we can now say we are living with a pet…something we thought we could never achieve.

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