World Autism Awareness Day 2nd April 2014



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Today celebrates World Autism Awareness Day and the word celebrates is a very important one. Autism is a very misunderstood condition by others, many people wouldn’t know how to recognise the signs or even know what Autism is, and this is where judgement comes in. People in the outside world are very quick to judge, especially us mums who are doing the very best we can. Going on a simple trip to the supermarket has to be high planned and thought out, we may have to visually prepare our child first and not change the order in which we have told them things are going to happen. While at the supermarket our child cannot switch off all the high visual/audio stimulates and it may make them scream and run around. Please take a moment to read this poster i created a few months ago:


It can be harder to spot the more high functioning child but that doesn’t mean its less harder for the parents to deal with every day. Sibling also suffer and growing up with an autistic brother or sister they sometimes get forgotten. They hear the comments from other people who are quick to judge, they also carry some of the pressures of dealing with their brother or sister when things go wrong outside ie. their brother/sister is lying on the floor of the supermarket/shop screaming or they are being socially inappropriate. Please think again your wrong judgement could heavily impact on the whole family and add to the pressure.

Back to the positive stuff….It is only 10am and it is a joy to see that World Autism Awareness Day has really took off this year, it is bigger and better. Already it has been mentioned in the news, celebrity Melanie Sykes has been on Daybreak ITV talking about her life with her autistic son, Hearts and Minds Charity based in Manchester have appeared twice on Daybreak ITV this morning, Ian McGrath and Cheryl Broadfoot …. just fantastic support and awareness.



Locally we have again organised the Town Hall clock face in Burnley, Burnley College and the railway viaduct to Light Up Blue 4 Autism tonight. We have also arranged Blackpool Tower to Light Up Blue again this year and we have raised some funds to pay for five families who are living with Autism to have a free  break in Blackpool at the Marton Mere site this weekend. Action for ASD, Queen street Burnley are holding an open day, Preston are having a large World Autism Day Event at the Flag Market put together by some superstar mums, various organisations, charities etc and local shops in Clitheroe have done some fantastic window displays.




Let the celebrates begin and lets all embrace Autism and shine a very bright positive light on AUTISM…..Happy Autism Awareness Day Everyone x x x x x

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