Burnley Youth Theatre


This time last week our little boy (well not so little anymore) was getting prepared for acting in a performance that evening, a little nervous but self esteem high. I suppose it was make or break for MacKenzie it could have gone one way or the other and it definitely went the better way. The production `The Big Bang` was performed twice for the public at Burnley Youth Theatre, Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. MacKenzie thought it was best if we didn’t watch the first performance on the Friday and instead come to the Saturday one. He returned home from the Friday performance with tears in his eyes and the biggest smile you have ever seen, he was busting with pride. “I did it, I did it…..I finally did it” he was so happy. On Saturday afternoon we all went to see the show and he was fantastic, all the children were. They all worked so hard to put the The Big Bang together, and also taking into account the play was written and devised by the children.


MacKenzie who has autism has been going to rehearsals since November for this production and it has been lovely to drop him off in such a friendly understanding environment. The other children were great and every time I dropped him off, I could see he was part of the team something he doesn’t get at school. School is tough for MacKenzie and Burnley Youth Theatre have offered him a light at the end of the tunnel.

I would like to say a Big Thank You to Jack Herbert for being such a big part in what MacKenzie has achieved. He understood MacKenzie`s struggles and anxieties so well without me having to tell him much, and he also provided Mackenzie with some fantastic tools he will hopefully remember and use again. MacKenzie joined Burnley Youth Theatre about a year ago now and he would throw himself into sessions and then after a couple he just couldn’t go, nervous would kick in and he would just leave it, then the cycle would start again. Until finally we have got to this stage where he hasn’t missed going once and finished off with 2 performances for the public proudly.

So again this is more of a thank you letter than a blog, so I would just like to say a Big Thank You again to Jack Herbert, Amber Tither, Michael Parker, Jess Milne, Kat Osborn, Michelle Darwin and finally Karen Metcalfe.


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