I am a full time mother of two wonderful children Mya who is 9 years old and MacKenzie who is 5 years old. The journey began when MacKenzie was born and he has since become ‘A Piece of the Puzzle’. Being a qualified nursery nurse I have worked with a wide range of children and gained a wealth of experience in the last 20 years of working in schools and nurseries.

Being a mother is quite a different role and a much more different one when your child comes without a manual. MacKenzie was around 2 years old when problems really came to light, I had noticed before but put it down to ‘he was a boy’ ‘they all learn at a different pace’ and probably the biggest one an amount of denial.

We were referred to a specialist pediatrician and speech therapist after not meeting targets at his 2 year delevlopment check and also at this point the nursery he had been attending for a few months were pointing out that they had not had a child like this before and wanted to involve specialist help. He was just a little late learning and a late talker I thought to myself and I felt people weren’t giving him enough time to start talking correctly. Correctly being unlined because when you not talking you think of a child quiet and withdrawn….oh no we were making more noise than a group of mums at a Robbie Williams concert. MacKenzie was very verbally loud but I think people must have thought I had been having an affair with a Chinese/Japanese/Indian person.

It’s been a very bumpy ride since and I have learnt to accept and come to terms more, the rocky bit is not really knowing what ‘it’ is.Is it Autism? It must be really tough carrying that label for your child but I think it helps you to move on and to be confident to the outside world.

MacKenzies current diagnose is speech and language disorder, sensory problem and behaviour difficulties. But I ask myself why over the past 3 years have I learnt so much about autism and that his difficulties relate so much to it? But from all the professionals involved we are told that all his social communication problems is not autism that it is down to his speech and language disorder…..i feel lost. We do have lots of positives like he has a statement of educational needs and that he attends a SERF unit in a mainstream school, which is great because of the amount of speech therapy he receives at school and also being in smaller groups most of the time. His speech has improved so much he even corrects me sometimes, he likes things correctly spoken but has a great problem taking language very literally.

If you are still reading this I hope this blog will be of some help and just to let you know you are not on your own. I have spent a lot of time reading and searching to find someone in the same position has me because we are all at different stages of this journey and its gives a great sense of warmth to know there are other parents like you.

Autism or what else? What box are we in or where do our children fit in?

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  1. Well said Davina. You are such an amazing, strong mum that Mya and MacKenzie have what they need most – sheds loads of love. xx

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